Turbtax Software Review

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TurboTax offers an affordable tax software option for completing your income tax return. It offers accurate tax results, and it gives you support options should you receive an audit by the IRS. It gives you the tools you need to make complex tax issues a simple and straightforward process, and you won’t have to worry about making simple calculation mistakes when completing your return.

Reasons to Use TurboTax

For those of you that are in a hurry, the best reasons to use TurboTax tax software to complete your taxes have been outlined below:

  • Streamlined User Experience: There is no learning curve, and the process of using the system is simple.
  • Clear Help Files: Context-sensitive helps means your questions are answered at each stage of the process.
  • User Interface: The system uses an easy navigation that maintains a consistent look throughout.
  • Smart Tools: The system regularly checks for tax breaks and actively seeks out deductions for you.
  • Mobile: It’s mobile-friendly, and in some ways the mobile version of the tax software is even more intuitive.

Several Forms Supported

While the 1040EZ and 1040A options are free to submit, some more complex tax returns will require you to purchase a more feature-rich version of the software. Each year, there are usually early-filer prices, and the software makes it easy to complete your taxes quickly. If you don’t have to claim farm income, rental income or profits from the sale of property, you can usually use the free version of the software. Another reason to purchase one of the more feature-rich versions for your income tax preparation is if you own a small business. The IRS tends to view some small businesses as more audit worthy than others, and TurboTax tax software can help you minimize your audit risk.

The Overall User Experience

Most online tax software programs tend to work step-by-step and follow the path of the IRS 1040 form. This works for people with very simple tax situations, but it’s not ideal to get the best tax refund. TurboTax uses a more conversational user-experience. You sit back and simply answer any questions. As you proceed, your answers are being used to populate the tax form that best suits your needs. You’ll only see your final tax return at the end of the process. In most cases, you simply click a button or enter a few pieces of data to proceed through the process. Overall, the user experience for TurboTax is streamlined, user-friendy, organized and unified. It actually makes doing your taxes an enjoyable experience.

Entering Missing Information

One outstanding feature of TurboTax is the ability to skip information you don’t currently have available. With other tax programs, you would have to stop and continue your taxes at a later time when you have all the information required. The ability to skip a step and return to it later makes this tax software superior to other products. The final review feature ensures that you don’t miss anything, and the ability to complete your return as your tax forms arrive in the mail makes completing your taxes a breeze. This tax software is designed to begin using to complete your income tax return the moment you get your first tax document.

Cost and Final Thoughts

It’s sometimes interesting to compare your tax return results with more than one competitor. TurboTax tends to provide outstanding results at a cost that is competitive with other services. For the cost, time-savings, convenience and ease of use, you can’t beat TurboTax for your income tax return.