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The IRS receives thousands of phone calls and letters to its address every day. In fact, the organization gets so many calls that it now provides online informational systems to provide debtors with easier access to the information that they need. Debtors can get their personal income tax information by using the online tools. The IRS also has a specific mailing address for each contact type. Debtors call the Internal Revenue Service for five main reasons. The following are the most common reasons that people call the IRS and the information that they need to successfully do it:

To Report Income Tax Fraud

Many people know a person or business that is violating some of the IRS’s rules. The organization has a number that a person can call if he or she suspects foul play such as tax evasion, kickbacks, organized crime, false exemptions and the like. The person can contact the IRS for concrete or suspected violations, and the organization will most likely launch an investigation of the accused party. The phone number to call and report such things is 1-800-829-0433. The IRS also has a special form that the person can complete and send to a special address. An interested person can call 1-800-829-3676 to order the special form. The reporting party must state the suspected violator’s name, address, social security number or EIN, a description of any violation that the person may have committed, the amount of the fraud and the reporter’s name and address. The IRS does not demand the reporting party provide its personal information.

About a Tax Levy

A tax levy is a serious situation that would prompt someone to contact the organization immediately. When the IRS places a tax levy on someone, it seizes property, garnishes wages and removes money from one’s bank account. This usually occurs because the person has ignored the IRS’s attempt to contact the person about debt. The debtor can call the main phone number to the IRS, which is 1-800-829-1040. The prompts will provide the person with additional options and steps that he or she can take.

About an IRS Debt

An IRS debt is another reason that a consumer may want to know the organization’s address or phone number. Debtors may accrue debts by making errors on their tax returns or failing to file their returns. The Internal Revenue Service may do a tax return for such debtors and send a letter about the debt. The debtor would then need to contact the IRS to find a solution. Such people can call the organization’s main phone number. Those who believe that they have been victimized by an identity thief can call phone number 800-908-4490 and request assistance.

About a Tax Refund

Tax filers always want to know updated information about their tax refunds. The Internal Revenue Service has a dedicated number just for tax refunds. Debtors can gather all pertinent information and then call 1-800-829-4477. The callers will need to have the social security number, filing status and refund amount. Alternatively, the debtors can receive information on the tax refund by using the “Where’s my refund? tool.

For General Information

Some consumers just have simple questions that they need answered. Such consumers can use any of the above phone numbers to contact the organization. The I.R.S. is delighted to assist with questions and concerns. Agents do their best to tend to phone calls promptly and provide accurate information to the public that will help resolve the debt issues and tax inquiries.